Registration Guide

It is your responsibility to register before each semester in a timely manner. It is easy to register for research units and make changes later, so there is no excuse to miss the Telebears deadlines.

Important Links

Take me straight to Tele-BEARS!
Schedule of Classes
Tele-BEARS Schedule, including Open Hours
Tele-BEARS Enrollment Rules, Information and Schedules

Be sure to register at your first opportunity – even just for research units, as you can modify your schedule yourself up through Feb 10th or so.
Phase I of Telebears registration for Spring 2013: October 22 – Oct 24 (individual appointment times vary – check BearFacts for yours)
Phase II of Telebears registration for Spring 2013: Nov 26 – Nov 27
(please check registrar site for details, dates and open hour times Failure to register in a timely manner may mean $150 in late fees and/or stipend/reg fee payment complications (it can get messy).

Details & important info:

1A) During Phase I & II and the Adjustment Period (through the 3rd week of classes) I cannot access Telebears for you. Only you have access. I do not gain access until you lose access after the 3rd week of classes. As of Feb. 11th, I am happy to make changes for you. Before that, I will know that any request means you have not read this email , and my reply may be impolite. This is true every Fall and Spring. Summer is a completely different system and I never have access – paperwork will be involved.

1B) Please register for at least 12 units by the start of the semester (and avoid registering for over 14). You can register for as few as 8 units right now to avoid the penalties mentioned above, but be sure to adjust to 12 units before Jan. 15th. I will not waive the $150 late reg fee without a persuasive excuse. Failure to register will also result in annoying, harassing emails from me.

2) Appointment times: you cannot use Tele-BEARS before your appointment time starts for each phase (not even during Open Hours); after your appointment expires, you can access Tele-BEARS only during Open Hours through the end of each phase. You should be able to check your appointment times on Bearfacts and the Open Hours are on the website listed above.

3) Access: after Feb. 11th you will not have access to Telebears. Any changes to your schedule can be done by Kate Chase (me!) until the last day of classes (May 10). Please send me requests for adds, drops or adjustments and include the course control #, name of the course and unit details, when relevant. I really appreciate detailed requests, as I have dropped people from the wrong course (unintentionally, really!) due to minimal info. Each change to your schedule costs $10, which I will waive (so ask nice ;)).

4a) 2nd years: be sure to register for research and lab units with your PIs (299s = research (variable units) & 298s = lab meetings (2 units)). Students in MCB faculty labs will register for MCELLBI 292s, in lieu of 299s, and lab unit numbers are wacky, so I can help. Do not register for Biophy 292. Ask me or your PI for details if you can’t find the courses, but they should be listed in the Schedule of Classes. When available, always choose the letter grade option. Some of you will have to go to the student advisor in your PIs dept for course control numbers (Chemistry, Physics?). And never use last semester’s course control numbers!! They change every semester!!

4b) 3rd years and above: see 4a.

4c) 1st years only: all should register for Biophy 293B (2 units/ccn 07859). Rotation students should register for Biophy 292 (units as needed/ccn 07856). Plus any courses. Direct admit students should register for their PIs’ research units – I can help look those up for you.

5) Beware: as many of you are now aware, upon graduation you cannot have more than one third of your courses graded as S/U (pass/fail). So, always register for a grade when that is an option – and then try not to drop the course later. Courses exempt from this tally are: 299s (just the S/U grade option; letter grade = good, when possible), 300s and above, 99s and below and Biophy 292. I’m working on checking transcripts, but feel free to contact me for an immediate “audit”. Also, monitor your transcripts for missing grades as those will prevent graduation.

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