Jean-Michel Mongeau

Jean-Michel Mongeau

Class of 2007
Graduated in 2013

Undergraduate Institution: Northwestern University
Major: B.S. Biomedical Engineering, Minor in Spanish
Val d'Or, Quebec, Canada

Bob Full


In the PolyPEDAL Lab, we study the science of motion. We're interested in how animals move. A challenge for all animals is to integrate sensory information to generate movement while interacting within a complex world. Complicating this integration is that actions from the nervous system must operate through the mechanics of the body. In my research, I seek to discover general principles of sensorimotor integration by integrating neurophysiological, behavioral, computational and robotic approaches.

Exploiting principles from animal movement remains a challenge for engineers seeking to design autonomous robots capable of completing search and rescue operations in the most difficult of terrains such as rubble after an earthquake. To reveal basic organization of the nervous system from cells to systems and inspire the next generation of search and rescue robots, I study high-speed sensorimotor tasks in an amazingly maneuverable insect, the cockroach.

I am now a postdoctoral fellow at UCLA. You can access my new research site here
Mongeau, J.-M., Demir, A., Lee, J., Cowan, N.J., Full, R.J. (2013) Locomotion- and mechanics-mediated tactile sensing: antenna reconfiguration simplifies control during high-speed navigation in cockroaches. Journal of Experimental Biology. 216:4530-41. DOI: 10.1242/jeb.083477

Revzen, S., Burden, S.A., Moore, T.Y., Mongeau, J.-M., Full, R.J. (2013) Instantaneous Kinematic Phase Reflects Neuromechanical Response to Lateral Perturbations of Running Cockroaches. Biological Cybernetics. DOI: 10.1007/s00422-012-0545-z

Mongeau, J-M, McRae, B, Jusufi, A, Birkmeyer, P, Hoover, AM, Fearing, R, Full, RJ (2012) Rapid Inversion : Running Animals and Robots Swing like a Pendulum under Ledges. PLoS ONE. 7(6). DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0038003

Gundlapalli, RV, Smith, MD, Mongeau, J-M, Sedgwick, JA, Martin, TD, Suh, PY, Long, J.(2008) Adapters to Convert Output Motion of Orthopaedic Bone Saws and Bone Drills. Patent 0027449 A. 2008.
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